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Relying on its cinematographic expertise and its network of talents and technicians, MyMettā supports the creation of immersive works by meeting the creative and technological challenges.

In development


Underwater immersive experience

At a time when we are trying to create virtual parallel universes, Immersea is a dive into the heart of our primary universe : The Ocean.

Through a journey, where the visitor swims with the largest marine specimens, in the richest waters of the world, he discovers the realities of the future of our oceans. Beyond the magic and poetry of the water, unique encounters, an awareness of contemporary issues is at the heart of this dive.

For the first time in the world, the spectators are weightless in the middle of the water. Sound and image envelop them thanks to a unique technology composed of real image projections, multispectral sound, visual arts and special effects.

Project manager / Matthieu Straub

In development


Immersive natural path

The audience follows a unique session of Shinrin-Yoku : As we go along, the projections transform the forest into a magical place. We are immersed in imagination and dreams. The interactive elements multiply so that we feel enveloped and listened to by this nature with multiple faces.

The term Shinrin-Yoku, which can be translated as "forest bathing", was coined in 1982 by the director of the Japanese Forestry Agency, Tomohide Akiyama. It is about immersing oneself in the forest environment and using all one's senses to create an intimate contact with nature. Today, it has been scientifically proven that Shinrin-Yoku works as a source of preventive medicine for stress-related diseases.


Project manager / Matthieu Straub

Performing | since December 2021

C’ou le tour de quoi

(Pelléas et Mélisande, 1915)

Cine-concert interactive performance

In 1915, the artist Georgette Leblanc had a live staging of Pelléas et Mélisande recorded. Little present in the film, the waters that weave the original work are here reintroduced by means of acoustic and electric instruments, and an original video creation. All this to, with the Maidservants, "wash the threshold, the gate and the steps" of a story that ends on a disturbing promise of continuation: "It is the poor little girl's turn...".

Performed by Vincent L’Hermet (accordion), Alfredo Mola (cello) and Remy Reber (electric guitar), composed and conducted by Jeremías Iturra (SACRe-CNSMDP PhD candidate), Daniele Guaschino (sound creation), Brice Barbier (video creation and mapping), Quentin Rioual (stage direction) and Auriane Rio (assistant director).

Coproduction CNSMDP, SACRe-PSL, Jardins d’hiver | 2022-2023


Project manager / Brice Barbier

Screening | since April 2019

Museum of Qatar

Art films - link

NMoQ commissioned films from a select group of distinguished international directors to create living, immersive experiences in the exhibition galleries.

These films are projected at immense scale and with hypnotic clarity against the curving walls of the galleries, making the physical walls dissolve into moving spectacles of light, sound and image. Hired by the Doha Film Institute, the founders of MyMettā worked on the production of these high-end art films as well as overseeing their on-site installation in collaboration with RES (Video Mapping) and Idee und Klang (sound scenography). They assisted the creators to fit the shape and scale of the walls their pieces are screened on.

The art films display 21.54 billion pixels per second across a total screen area of 34,271 square feet via 112 4K digital cinema projectors, 308 discreet audio channels and 173 bespoke media servers. The result is closer to an immersive virtual reality experience (without goggles) than to conventional cinema, unlike anything that currently exists anywhere in the world.

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On site supervision / Brice Barbier

Film production / Naoufel Ben Youssef (Doha Film Institute)



Architecture / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Mapping & Engineering / RES

Technical consultant / Dean Winkler WCI

Directors / Christophe Cheysson, Jananne Al-Ani, Abderrahmane Sissako, Mira Nair, Peter Webber, Doug Aitken, John Sanborn

Post-Production (selection) / Nice Shoes, Mikros Image, Platige, Stances studio ...

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