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We shot with a RED Weapon Dragon VistaVison in 8K Full Frame (40.96 x 21.6mm) as reference sensor. The size of this sensor provided us the possibility to analyze the difference of image covering between lenses. Except the Arri Alexa 65 (54.12 x 25.59mm) and the Phantom Gold 65 (51.20 x 23.30mm), all other digital camera sensors are presently smaller than the Dragon Vistavision 8k FF Red sensor.

Thus we can afterward compare the coverage of each lens with other sensors (see the small navigation tool on the right). For a question of time, we propose a sensor size tool with only the others red sensors currently on the market. The other sensor sizes from different manufacturers should come soon.

Again, we're not questionning here the quality of this 8K sensor against others. The only questionning of this page is lens' coverage. However we're totally aware of the influence of the sensor size on the view angle and the depth of field feeling considering a similar view angle on a different sensor size. We're looking forward to test some other sensor type (alexa 65, gold 65 ...)


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As you can figure, we found most of our specs on line. They mainly came from manufacturer pages and we took good care to give you the correct link to their pages. Of course, we own more some of them ; A lot of specs came from Red Digital website obviously.

The tests have been made possible thanks to two rental facilities, based in Paris : RVZ which let us shoot all these images and lent us all the gear : camera and lenses. For the post-production tools Be4post is to thank.

Amongst all our source we wish to thank Phil Holland for all his datas. He has done an amazing work of research and compilation.

This website has been built thanks to the efforts of Brice Barbier, Jonas Costecalde, Nicolas Bordier, Quentin Roddier and Noémie Santa Maria.